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Made in Melbourne Australia.

Meet the Team

jennifer studio 1118 web.jpg
Jennifer Bowden

Designer of Couture

Known for her friendly approach and openness to design ideas, Jennifer has been actively designing and creating for brides since 2007.

With a passion for fine fabrics and utilising handcrafted details, her extensive knowledge opens a world of personalised details for today’s brides. 

From hand-dyed fabrics through to forming lace and beadwork around the bride’s individual body shape, Jennifer is on hand to put together ideas for your individual design.

Jennifer’s greatest joy is to bring to life every bride’s dream wedding dress. With extensive experience in working with all types of fabrics and techniques, she is able to guide you through the various options to suit.

We invite you to schedule your personal appointment to begin the process of creating your unique gown.

Catherine studio 1118 web.jpg
Catherine Bowden

Floral Artist

Catherine’s personal unique style makes each creation sculpted by her hands a work of art.


Her flowers are sculptured in silk, paper, and beaded stamens creating delicate arrangements as well as statement bouquets, not only for the day but in your home.

“What really captures my imagination when I look at flowers is the centre and the stamens in particular. I love the translucent petals and marvel at the delicacy and design in nature. Flowers inspire my creations endlessly.”

Mary studio 1118 web.jpg
Mary Miranda

Embroidery Artist

Mary started out as a bridal designer with her sister Jennifer in 2007. “In the process of designing bridal gowns with my sister I realised my niche and passion lay in the personalisation and the finer details of bridal gowns.” 

Embroidery with threads and beads started to take life. "I’m passionate about designing from an idea to completion that has a story. My greatest joy is when my creations resonate with a bride or individual to personalise a gown or item that has meaning.”